Blue Bird School Bus with On Board Diagnostics OBD

Diagnostics now monitor not only engine functions but also emissions related components as well. In addition the range of acceptable performance has been narrowed and the number of systems being monitored has increased. All of this means that drivers will see more lights coming on in the dash and this can raise concern. This video will talk about what lights are “warnings” and what lights mean “safely stop the bus.”

Blue Bird School Bus Regeneration

This video describes the process and what a driver will see when regeneration is occurring. Also how a technician can do a forced regeneration if normal driving conditions don’t allow a passive regeneration to occur.

Blue Bird School Bus Obtain Code from Dash

When a MIL light or other engine light comes on it is an indicator that a fault code has been logged. This video describes how to obtain the code number and brief description of the fault.

Blue Bird School Bus Clear Fault Through Cycle Ignition

This procedure shows how to clear a fault when a fault condition has been corrected. This procedure won’t work if the fault condition still exists.

Blue Bird School Bus Set Dimmer Light on Dash

The Blue Bird dash lights can be set to various levels of brightness. Learn how to adjust this function.

Blue Bird School Bus Convection Heat Operation

Convection heat is one of the most efficient heating systems in a bus. Watch how to operate this system.

Blue Bird School Bus Set Dash Clock and Background Color

The Blue Bird dash has options on color and this video also describes how to set the clock.

Blue Bird School Bus Disable Audible Alarm with Dash Button

Once the enable function has been initiated watch how to disable the alarm with the dash button.

Blue Bird School Bus Dash Lights and Alarm Enable

Learn how to enable a silence function for the audible alarm that is part of On Board Diagnostics (OBD).

Blue Bird School Bus Proper Starting Procedure

This video explains the proper starting procedure to avoid setting off a fault function in the On Board Diagnostics of the dash.