New Convertible Seating Solution Offers Interchangeable Options and Easy Transition to Seat Belts

Exclusive NextGen Blue Bird Seat offers interchangeable options to allow easy change to seat configurations on a school bus.

Wayne Township Schools Adds 20 Blue Bird Propane School Buses

The Wayne Township School District in Indianapolis, IN has added 20 new propane-powered Blue Bird school buses to its fleet to replace older diesel-powered models.  The new propane buses, supplied by the Transportation Division of MacAllister Machinery, make up the largest fleet of propane school buses in the state of Indiana. The district expects to […]

Indiana’s largest fleet of propane autogas school buses deploys in Warren Township

Eleven alternatively fueled school buses roll out for the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township. The fleet represents the largest deployment of propane autogas school buses in the state of Indiana.

DeKalb County Adds Environmentally-Friendly School Buses

The DeKalb Central Schools district is adding three new environmentally-friendly school buses to its fleet that leaders say will provide a safer and more comfortable experience. DeKalb Central is the first in the northern part of the state to add propane-fueled buses, a decision that’s becoming more popular nationwide.

Blue Bird Unveils New Gasoline-Powered Type C Vision School Bus

Available in 2016, the new innovative model offers power, simplicity, and affordability

Blue Bird Leads in Safety Innovation with ESP Stability Technology

Even though ESC is not yet required as a standard feature on school buses, manufacturer Blue Bird Corporation has taken the lead in this safety innovation and is first-to-market with this feature.

Data on Blue Bird School Buses Confirms Cost Efficiencies

Blue Bird had the lowest cost of ownership, lowest out-of-commission time, and the longest in-service life expectancy by 41 percent over the other brands.

2013 Instrument Panel Changes for Blue Bird School Buses

The attached pdf document details the changes in the instrument cluster and the functionality of the dash indicator lamps. These changes coincide with 2013 emissions and On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) changes that have taken effect this year.

WNDU: South Bend Schools Consider Propane-Fueled School Buses

WNDU – Channel 16 based in South Bend, IN has reported that the South Bend Community School Corporation is considering the purchase of propane-fueled school buses manufactured by Blue Bird and sold by MacAllister Power Systems. Story at no longer available) In the report, WNDU states that because propane-fueled buses are more efficient, the […]

MacAllister Announces Award of 2013 CIESC Bus Bid

MacAllister Transportation, the Blue Bird dealer for the entire State of Indiana, has announced immediate availability of school buses awarded through the 2013 CIESC Spring Bus Bid.